All About CFD


Why do we exist? To be a public service that provides fire and life safety protection.

What do we want to be? By existing as a community leader organization that is reliable and dependable in assisting the public in preparing themselves to limit harmful effects of fires, medical emergencies, and disastrous events while at the same time providing them security from hazard occurrences…. 

What do we want to accomplish?   Provide the public with the knowledge and peace of mind that they are more than protected, but have access to an organization that stands ready to assist whenever calamity disrupts their everyday life. 


The Cromwell Fire Department - functions to ensure that the public remains safeguarded from the uncontrolled fire and other calamities that threaten to disrupt their everyday lives through its fire and life safety delivery system.  The department will accomplish this mission through the efforts of appropriately trained professionally minded dedicated personnel.










How You Can Help (Courtesy of NHTSA)
You can do some simple things to help emergency personnel reach a person in need. Use the letters S-I-R-E-N to remember the right way to yield to an emergency vehicle. 

S: Stay Alert Drive defensively, keep the noise level down in your car and look for more than one emergency vehicle approaching when you hear a siren. 

I: Investigate Check your rear-view mirror, scan in front and on both sides of your vehicle, try to estimate the closing speed of the emergency vehicle and plan your next move. 

R: React React quickly, but calmly and scan in all directions before pulling over. Always use a turn signal when exiting the roadway and don’t slam on the brakes or pull over suddenly. 

E: Enter Before re-entering the road, make a visual sweep in all directions, turn on your signal, and gradually merge back into traffic. 

N: Never Never stop at a place that doesn't have enough room to pull over safely and never follow or try to outrun an emergency vehicle.