2000 CFD Awards Banquet

Member of the Year: Robert Barone, EMT

Lt. Bob BaroneLieutenant Bob "EMS 11-7" Barone was named member of the year. Lt. Barone was honored for his extraordinary commitment over many years of service as a firefighter and EMT, including over 500 hours of scheduled weekend EMS duty in 1999 alone.

Heart Start Award: Jodi Angus, EMT

Joleen K. Angus was honored for "outstanding commitment to emergency cardiac care in Cromwell." Jodi has been personally responsible for training hundreds of Cromwell High School students and faculty in CPR, and played a key role in training most members of the CFD in proper use of AEDs (defibrillators).

Stars of Life

1999 saw major advancements in the EMS system in Cromwell, thanks in large part to the vision, dedication, and hard work of several key individuals. Under the direction of EMS Captain Chip Darius, we planned for and implemented an Emergency Medical Dispatch system, and purchased six AEDs (defibrillators). The Cromwell Fire Department saluted Fire Commissioner Donald Swanson, Fire Commissioner William Clare, Fire Chief David Colligan and Chief Dispatcher David Jahn.

Top Responder Awards

Top EMS responders for 1999 were also recognized:

  • Sarah Breton, EMT, Top Responder, 947 hours
  • Joe Barbera, EMT, Top Responder, 850 hours
  • Robert Shaw, EMT, Top Responder, 650 hours
  • Robert Barone, EMT, "Weekend Warrior," 537 weekend hours
  • Kerry Sheltra, "Weekend Warrior," 446 weekend hours